2007   NOVEMBER 1   #305

The Basic Principles of Kreskin's E.S.P.

01 A Basic Introduction To E.S.P. (3:49)
02 The Pendulum And How To Use It (4:18)
03 Testing Your Accuracy With The Pendulum (1:54)
04 The Sex Detector (1:20)
05 The Lie Detector (2:32)
06 Brothers And Sisters (2:00)
07 The Uncanny Test (2:22)
08 How To Catch A Murderer (5:04)
09 Using Your Imagination To Test Your E.S.P. (5:04)
10 Imagination And Swallowing (2:34)
11 Setting Up The Seance For Table Tilting (1:37)
12 The Phenomenon Of Table Tilting (8:24)

Many years ago (the late 90's to be exact), I worked at Kinko's. This is where I met Hans (hi Hans!) One day Hans and I were hangin' at his pad, the "Sweat Lodge," when I began to browse his record collection. This one jumped out at me and we arranged to transfer it to MiniDisc. I am eternally grateful. I'm still not sure what to make of Kreskin. We all know that the human brain is like...umm, really smart and stuff, but is this some kind of magic? He's made a career out of "reading minds," but is this really possible? So many questions, so little time.

It seems that this album followed in the wake of a successful board game of the same name for Milton Bradley. You don't need the board game to follow the exercises here though, just a spirit of adventure and basic skills in listening and comprehension.

For those of you who choose to try some of these (especially the table-tilting), PLEASE, relay your experience via the comment section of this post. We are most eager to learn your findings.

Technical Notes: This is a digital transfer (from MiniDisc to the hard drive.) Since the nature of this recording implements no stereo spectrum, these files have been rendered in Mono, at the highest resolution possible for an MP3 (128kbps.)

- Contributed by: Spaceboy

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