2007   OCTOBER 7   #280

Tony Randall - Vo Vo De Oh Doe

01 Byrd (1:41)
02 Cecilia (2:31)
03 Stumbling (1:44)
04 Lucky Lindy (2:04)
05 Winchester Cathedral (2:23)
06 Boo Hoo (2:49)
07 Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore (2:53)
08 You're Gonna Lose Your Gal (2:15)
09 Wilkomen (2:10)
10 Doo Wacka Doo (2:06)

Tony Randall's "Vo Vo De Oh Doe" album has it all over "The Odd Couple Sings" in several ways. For one, he doesn't have to contend with Jack Klugman's rusty pipes. For another, he doesn't have to play the role of Felix Unger in his delivery.

That doesn't make it normal, however. Randall doesn't exactly play it straight with a lot of these "olde tyme" numbers - and there is a weird psychedelic component to the production.

- Contributed by: John Mitchell

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