2007   SEPTEMBER 30   #273

For Mature Adults Only

Album liner notes:

Incredible! Impossible! In! Those were a few of the reactions of people when they heard about a show with teenagers entitled FOR MATURE ADULTS ONLY! You can thank a teenager for that title! Who ever heard of trying to bridge a generation gap by letting the teenager have his own say about life and faith and love? Who ever heard of a professor of theology loving teenager poetry and reading it in public? Who ever heard of a coffee house on stage? All of these improbable situations were part of the experiment in youth communication entitled FOR MATURE ADULTS ONLY. We wanted the teenager to be heard. So we collected poems, cries, prayers and words of teenagers across the country. We met kids like Debbie, Mike, Jan and their friends. Then we let them be heard and felt in the show. The show was first presented in the auditorium of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis in March of 1968. The response was so dramatic that the International Walther League invited the cast to appear at it's Convention in August, 1968. Mosann Enterprises then offered to record and promote major portions of the show for the benefit of youth groups across the country.

01 The Martin Luther High School Chorus and Norman Habel - For Mature Adults Only (2:09)
02 Norman Habel - Juan (1:23)
03 Don Hunter - Listen (Juan's Song) (2:33)
04 Norman Habel - Tim (1:22)
05 Robert Edwin - Black Shadows (Tim's Song) (2:23)
06 Norman Habel - Michelle (2:15)
07 Corky Hale - Tomorrow Calls (Michelle's Song) (2:53)
08 Norman Habel - Mike (1:31)
09 Robert Edwin - Christ Is Changing Everything (2:36)
10 Norman Habel - Jan (1:03)
11 Corky Hale - One Little Piece Of Mystery (3:03)
12 Norman Habel - Willie (2:02)
13 Don Hunter - Adam Was A Man (2:34)
14 Norman Habel - Debbie's Song (2:46)

I parted with this record a number of years ago but was able to find an image online of the front cover. I also remember seeing another version of the cover being adorned with photos of the performers and brief text years ago but never picked that one up. On the 2003 run of 365 Days the title track (#1) and Michelle (#7) were featured.

- Contributed by: Otis Fodder

Image: Front Cover

Media: LP
Album: For Mature Adults Only
Label: Fortress
Catalog: 768
Date: 1968
Credits: Dr. Norman Habel, Narrator
The Martin Luther High School Choir (Long Island)
Richard Koehneke, Piano
Joe Newman, Trumpet
Chuck Raney, Guitar
Eric Gale, Bass
David Dahline, Drums
Larry Mohr, Saxophone
Corky Hale, Harpist (on Michelle)