2007   SEPTEMBER 28   #271

The Postelfonia's BmG 223 - Eerste Bestelling (First Delivery)

These are female employees of the former Dutch national post and telephone company PTT, singing foreign tophits on side A and Dutch traditionals on side B. I transferred the A-side for you, as they are the most peculiar, at least in my opinion. According to the sleeve notes they were known from television performances at the Protestant Christian Broadcasting Society, NCRV. Perhaps that explains why this was released by BmG records, a label only known by religious recordings: BmG = Band met God = Bond (or link) with God.

Furthermore it says that they also sang a lot at "relaxation and party evenings". By looking at both the titles and at the dresses we can pinpoint the period in which this was released quite adequately.

1 Selectie Mary Poppins (3:06)
2 Congratulations (2:23)
3 Let The Sunshine In (2:11)
4 Hava Naguila (2:26)
5 Puppet On A String (2:27)
6 As Tears Go By (2:48)
7 A World Of Our Own (2:06)
8 There's A Kind Of Hush (2:12)
9 Casatchok (3:09)

Sometimes small parts of lyrics are in Dutch. Casatchok is completely in Dutch. The song is about a Wolga boatsman falling in love....

- Contributed by: Jan Turkenburg

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