2007   SEPTEMBER 27   #270

I ain't got nobody... much

1 Little Wonder Records - I Ain't Got Nobody Much (1:32)
2 Little Wonder Records - Hot Hands (1:37)
3 Little Wonder Records - Jane (1:41)
4 Little Wonder Records - Just As We Do (1:25)
5 Little Wonder Records - When Your Down In Louisville (1:37)
6 Ozzie Williams - Subway In Toronto (2:35)
7 Ozzie Williams - Sunday In Toronto (2:35)

Some nice historical recordings here, with lots and lots of surface noise.. LITTLE WONDER RECORDS.. 5 of them! "I Ain't Got Nobody Much" is my favorite for a couple of reasons, it is a time tested good tune, and i noticed that they dropped the word "much" from later releases, in the title and song. This very well could be the first recording of this tune, since the records are entering their 99th year (give or take).

Also i have Ozzie Williams on the London label singing 2 ditties about my hometown of Toronto (early 50's) and amusing if anything... but they say "Toronto" like 50 times in each song!!! Enjoy.

- Contributed by: Evil Pain Clown

Image: I Ain't Got Nobody Much