2007   SEPTEMBER 26   #269

A bit of Turkish Pop, Eurovision style

1 Gökben - Şiribim Şiribom (1:56)
2 Gökben - Ve Bir Gün Sen (3:27)

The music on this 45 is almost as cool/bad as the cover. I dunno if it was Sandy Shaw's "Boom Bang a Bang" (or was that by Lulu... I don't care enough to Google it) that started this lurching, bouncy Oompah beat Europop, but the form certainly has longevity. There are still echoes of it today in half the bloody Eurovision Song Contest entries, especially from the Eastern Mediterranean.

This is a seventies example of the genre, and it pulls out all the stops. Just don't blame me if "Şiribim Şiribom" is stuck in a loop in your cranium for days after you hear this.

- Contributed by: Jon Allen

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover