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Miss America, Vonda Van Dyke in Teenage Diary

Miss America, Vonda Van Dyke in Teenage Diary (34:22)

One of my very favorite things from Word Records. A recorded version of the 1960(?) film Teenage Diary starring Vonda and a very young Marcy Tigner (better known as the woman behind the voice of Little Marcy). I am guessing that this recording was released in 1965 to coincide with Vonda being crowned Miss America.

I one day hope to see the film. In the meantime, here is a great review, "...a color Christian propaganda short geared to scare teenagers out of their sinful ways, and featuring a complete cast and crew credits sequence! Penny is a beautiful teenage girl going to the senior dance with Brad, a good Christian boy. For some reason, the high school dance takes place at a garish tiki bar (?!) with Duane Eddy-style guitar music and an exotic floorshow. At home, Penny's dad goes to the bar and leaves her mom pining by the fireplace. Penny and Brad cavort by the ocean until drunk Dad shows up to pummel Brad for being forward with his daughter. The two young lovers find sympathy with Brad's parents, but Penny's dysfunctional family forbids her from socializing with her true love, leading her to go to Mexico with a hothead in a convertible, get drunk, and get into a fight with the folks! All these issues contribute to Penny's eventual suicide attempt before she is saved by her local pastor and the scripture. This is a very stylish little short subject, with accomplished cinematography, atmospheric gel lighting, and surprisingly good performances, especially from Vonda Van Dyke as Penny (a future Miss America 1965 who later released a Christian inspirational album in 1972 and now currently resides in Laguna Beach)".


- Contributed by: Sid Safari

Media: LP
Album: Teenage Diary
Label: Word
Catalog: 3291
Date: 1965