2007   SEPTEMBER 18   #261

Czech 45s

1. Karel Gott - Jezebel (3:14)
2. Karel Gott - A Milan Chladil Je Krasne Lasku Dat (Love Is A Many Splendored Thing) (2:49)
3. Petr Janda - Orange Blossom Special (1:55)
4. Yvonna Prenosilova - That's All You Gotta Do (2:13)

Here are a couple of 45s, from Czechoslovakia (the now 'Czech Republic'). First a great rendition of Jezebel (a song made famous by Frankie Laine), sung in Czech by Karel Gott and then "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" (again in Czech).

Then i have some rock'n'roll... a cover of "Orange Blossom Special" (Spotnicks version) played by Petr Janda and backed up by (i love this name) "Big Beatova Skupina Olympic". Side 2 is a rockin number sung by Yvonna Prenosilova, who sounds alot like Wanda Jackson, backed up by the Big Beatova band once again.

- Contributed by: Evil Pain Clown

Image: 45s