2007   SEPTEMBER 17   #260

Brenda Watson - Constipation: The 30 Day Advanced Cleansing System

Constipation: The 30 Day Advanced Cleansing System (31:42)

I found this tape a few years ago at the local natural foods store in my hometown of Rochester, NY. The speaker is owner of a business devoted to high-fiber supplements and fancy enemas. The winning combination of the subject matter plus Ms. Watson's charm, sales pitch and Florida twang make this tape unusually entertaining. Among the topics discussed are whether or not stools should sink or float, and what the proper position is for defecation. If nothing else, it makes a fun source for cut-and-paste fun with a sound editor. (MP3: "Bowel Movements.mp3")

I present this recording for entertainment purposes only; while I am not a doctor, I approach the subject matter with a degree of skepticism. For further information from a more conventional medical perspective on this topic, see this website. Also worth looking at would be a review of one of Ms. Watson's books.

- Contributed by: Mickey Mephistopheles

Image: Cassette