2007   SEPTEMBER 14   #257

A Collection of 3 Hollywood Artists 45's

Now, my next collection of song-poem 45's. This time, it's 3 EP's by Hollywood Artists Records from about the late-80's. 2 songs on each side, and a few of them actually go over 3 minutes long!

- Contributed by: Sammy Reed


Side 1
  Stephanie Allen - Share Cropper's Daughter (2:34)
  William LeBlanc - Who-So-Ever Believes (2:40)
Side 2
  William LeBlanc - Hold Me Tight (2:59)
    (Yes, folks - Hollywood Artists' resident rapper taking his turn at an
    "easy southern-rock" style tune, and not doing too bad in my opinion!)

  Charles Clark - Looking Out the Window (2:52)

Side 1
  Charles Clark - Can't Chase the Shadows (3:09)
  Hollywood Quintet - Opus 3, No. 8 (2:12)
    (Obviously one person on a synthesized piano. Phil Milstein's excellent
    ASPMA website's discography for Hollywood Artists lists that their
    album HAR-28, "Music of America", includes "Opus 3, No. 2",
    performed by the Hollywood Quintet and written by James Harold Hughes.)

Side 2
  Stephanie Allen - Love You All My Days (3:20)
  Erica Laine - Sweet Caress (2:59)

Side 1
  Stephanie Allen - The Dream of Fire (3:01)
  Stephanie Allen - Gone are the Yesterdays (2:45)
Side 2
  Stephanie Allen - Love (2:45)
    (The tune borrows a lot from "Day By Day".)
  Stephanie Allen - True Love Never Dies (2:39)
    (There are a few times when the notes going under Stephanie's usual
    vocal register, combined with the subject matter, give this song an accidental -
    and I understand, arguable - "goth" feel.)

Images: Hollywood Artists 45 label

Media: 45rpm 7" EP's
Credits: "Share Cropper's Daughter" written by Jennie F. Whittaker; "Who-So-Ever Believes", Loria Griffin; "Hold Me Tight", Rudolph Pryor Jr.; "Looking Out the Window", Jeffrey Lee Coleman; "Can't Chase the Shadows", MJ Cotton; "Opus 3, No. 8", James Harold Hughes; "Love You All My Days", Cynthia Betsy Sarpong; "Sweet Caress", Melva J. Lunceford; "The Dream of Fire", Michael L. Bain; "Gone are the Yesterdays", Mary Ellen Lamie; "Love", Rodney Dennis; "True Love Never Dies", Orlando Tick Dew