2007   SEPTEMBER 12   #255

Rolf Harris Stylophone play-along 45 - Latin American style

1 Tuning-A + Blue Moon (2:21)
2 Brazil (1:19)
3 It Had to be You (2:09)
4 Over The Rainbow (1:48)
5 Laura (2:04)
6 Chinatown (1:49)
7 Wha! (1:23)
8 How About You (2:06)

For all Stylophone owners out there, (I have two, nah nee nah!) here is the third in a series of records for you to play your stylophone along to. Eight Latin American grooves all the way from Cricklewood in West London. Ay Caramba! Etc. Crackly old vinyl, but that just adds to the charm. Check out the wild jazz guitar on Chinatown.

Stylophones are great for playing Telstar on by the way, the sound and the vibrato are spot on.

Wonder if Rolf treated the Queen to a stylophone number or two to put her at her ease while sitting for her portrait... The Corgis would have been upset so perhaps not.

- Contributed by: Jon Allen

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover, Stylophone!

Jack Emblow - Transicord (??)
Bernie Woods - Bass
Sid Jacobsen - Guitar
Terry Seymour - Drums
Bert Meredith - L/A Percussion