2007   SEPTEMBER 7   #250

New Horizons: The New AIRCO Cylinder Plan, explained in detail by Orson Bean

A side: OF COURSE YOU OWN 'EM (7:07) Or How to Explain Airco's New Cylinder Plan.
B side: IN WHICH WE SWITCH (3:05) An original poem by Bean about drinking your way to success.

This was an LP put out by AIRCO (now Air Products) on their cylinder exchange program, I suppose for their sales force. After you hear "OF COURSE YOU OWN 'EM", you'll have discovered that there are immense subtleties in gas cylinder rental and owning contracts. Or not. Not a musical, but one of Bean's unique one-sided phone comedy bits (well, it was also Bob Newhart's bit) also a lot like trying to explain this complicated plan while simultaneously making fun of its obscurity.

- Contributed by: Henry Lowengard

Image: Back Cover

Album: New Horizons
Catalog: GRC-8880
Credits: GOTHAM RECORDING CORPORATION - produced by Delphan Company Inc. This special material was recorded specifically for Airco's "New Horizon" Cylinder Program.
Date: 1965?