2007   SEPTEMBER 6   #249

A Collection of 5 MSR 45's

Recently, I began checking E-Bay and GEMM for MSR 45's with Bobbi Blake, the Grand Lady of song-poems, in hopes of getting some material in my own record collection as interesting as the songs I heard online such as "I Got a Record" or "Husband, Lover, Friend". Here are the MSR 45's I've gotten so far. There are 2 other singers in these records. 3 of the songs have fellow MSR legend Dick Kent.

- Contributed by: Sammy Reed


MSR record no. 767
Dick Kent - She Does Things to Me (2:15)
Bobbi Blake - When Love is Gone (2:15)

Record no. 2216 (The distorted sound was recorded in the 45)
Dick Kent - I Love You Dearly (2:17)
Bobbi Blake - When the Tweeties Twitter in the Treetops (2:42)

Record no. 2443 (An all-gospel, all-Bobbi record)
Bobbi Blake - Joy in the Air (2:35)
Bobbi Blake - You Got to Be Born Again (2:24)

Record no. 2662, 1978
Dick Kent - A Christmas Rose (3:41) (Yet another one of those improbable "story-songs". Song-poems over 3 and a half minutes long are rare!)
Bobbi Blake - A Song of Love (2:04)

Record no. 3026, 1982
Bobbi Blake - My Dear One (2:24)
Bill Joy - Time for Love (2:34)

Images: 70's MSR 45 Label, 80's MSR 45 Label

Media: 45rpm 7" singles
Label: MSR
Credits: "She Does Things to Me" written by LaVerne D. Streeter; "When Love is Gone", Hope Barela; "I Love You Dearly", Pearl Kline Schulz; "When the Tweeties Twitter in the Treetops", Nancy Norton; "Joy in the Air", Anna Moore; "You Got to Be Born Again", Don R. Moore; "A Christmas Rose", Dollie A. Walta & Judy J. Walta; "A Song of Love", Estelle Schultz; "My Dear One", Joey Shaltry; "Time for Love", Thomas H. Mills
Date: Dates of first 3 unknown