2007   SEPTEMBER 2   #245

Outtakes from the 2003 365 Days Project - Part II

In 2003 on the first run of the 365 Days Project there were a lot of contributions that did not make it online. Now in 2007 we are compiling those tracks into volumes for your download. Here we go with volume 2 in the ongoing series.


Australian Cricket Team (1972)
01 Australian Cricket Team Song (2:32)
This was one of those 'must buy' incidents; i've spent so much time trawling thru badly stacked, random piles of discs, the same old names, the same old covers, sometimes no covers at all - so, picture my smile as i witness, gazing from a drawer on top of an old chest in a temporary, charity shop, in chiswick, W4 - (that's "chiz-ick", for anyone outside the uk), the wry, disheveled lounge-lizard looks of a mid-eighties, not-yet-serial-killing, Anthony Hopkins! Bude-iful! The thin, paper sleeve; the juice label, so low budget, it can't be true, i thought, biting my lower lip, but there was the face: unmistakable... I simply had to buy it, 50p, but it seemed strangely indulgent, i'd got my heart set on the 1972 australian cricket team single also present (stay tuned!) - yes, it was a must buy. As i listened to it at home, a slight crackle, clearly not unplayed, i consulted with the Guinness book of hit singles - had this release troubled the top 75, surely not? My god, it had - number 75, for one week, the lowest of the low!
- Contributed by Lazyeye

Unknown Artist
02 Reciting Black Flag lyrics (0:47)
- Contributed by Scott Bass

Valerie and Everett Hull (Swank 45 #HFCS-167 B-Side)
03 Foreign Policy (3:34)
- Contributed by Bob Purse

Tammy True - Funtown: Favorite 20 Selections (K-tel NC498, 1978)
04 All My Loving (2:49)
Another song from this album.
- Contributed by Gary Ouimet

Home Recordings
05 Kim's Party with her friends (1973) (0:20)
06 Moss Record Part 2 (January 13, 1941) (2:55)
- Contributed by Scott Elledge

Alta Tension
07 The Alta Tension Singers - Caramelitos De Cafe (Coffee Toffee Squares) (2:18)
08 The Buckingham Group - Dulce Viajera (Sweet Hitchhiker) (2:37)
Straight from Argentina comes Alta Tension, an American Bandstand type TV program featuring teens dancing to the latest hits. All tracks are upbeat, but these two are particularly fun. The Alta Tension singers give us "Caramelitos De Cafe" which translated, means "Coffee Toffee Squares" and The Buckingham Group perform CCR's "Sweet Hitchhiker" or "Dulce Viajera"
- Contributed by Mike Harras

Jim Turner - The Well-Tempered Saw (1971)
09 Timbermill Mountain (3:23)
- Contributed by Scott Elledge

The Smurfs (Finnish)
10 Megabailut (Mambo No. 5) (3:46)
- Contributed by Johan Birath

Marv Welch - Here's Looking Up Your Glass (drunk by Marv Welch)
11 Side One (20:19)
12 Side Two (25:31)
Raunchy drunk comic from the detroit area in the 50's.
- Contributed by Jef Stevens

Movie Trailer
13 Swinging Barmaids (1:04)
- Contributed by Pete Martin

Bedford High School Band - 1968 Spring Concert
14 Brazilian Festival (Medley) (4:01)
- Contributed by Matt Strauss

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