2007   JUNE 28   #179

Moe Barbari - When The Eyes Cry

01. I Can't Deny (4:54)
02. Mother (6:26)
03. Sacrifice (5:13)
04. Let Me Be Your Man (5:18)
05. On The Shoreline (3:34)
06. On The Darkside (3:37)
07. Walking Around (4:21)
08. Memories (3:40)
09. And The Love Dies (5:10)
10. To You With Love (4:31)

Not a whole lot is known about Moe Barbari. One day this demo CD arrived in the PO Box of Vinyl Communications Records, a punk/experimental label run by my friend Bob Barley. It became an immediate smash hit with at least several of us! "Let Me Be Your Man" is the standout track. Strained Iranian vocals and crappy Roland general midi synth arrangements. What's not to like? I think Bob tried to contact Moe about putting out the CD on VC, but he never heard back from him.

- Contributed by: Pea Hix

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Media: CD
Album: Moe Barbari - When The Eyes Cry
Label: private press
Credits: Written, produced, programmed & engineered by Moe Barbari
Date: 1996