2007   JUNE 27   #178

The Bordens - Theme From Star Wars

The Bordens - Theme From Star Wars (2:45)

You haven't truly heard the theme from Star Wars until you've heard it performed by Dryden, Ontario's The Bordens, with father George Borden (accordion), mom Jeanette (Electrovox organ), sons Roger (saxophone and guitar) and Gary (drums), and nephew Bill Dombradi (guitar). According to the liner notes, The Bordens played in "various parts of the country", including Thunder Bay and Edmonton, and recorded this album at Century 21 in Winnipeg. The snippets of other songs they throw into the mix, including the "snake charmer song", are just gravy. Good Times, indeed.

- Contributed by: Beau Levitt

Images: Front, Label, Back

Media: LP
Album: Good Times
Catalog: JRGB-80
Credits: Harry Taylor, recording engineer, Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg
Date: 1980