2007   JUNE 24   #175

Yamaha Music Foundation - The Salad Song

The Salad Song (2:42)
The Salad Song (Accompaniment) (2:40)
A Big Elephant (0:52)

I had originally posted this one to Otis, hoping he'd get a laugh out of it, but not expecting that it merited a post on 365 Days. When he wanted to know if I would be writing some introductory copy for the songs, I told him that something would be patched together for it. Good thing, that rather than going immediately into the job, I downloaded B.C. Sterrett's "Strawberry Shortcake" MP3's that had just been posted. "I Was Born To Disco" stuck in my poor little melon like superglue on crack!

So, I'm Posting "The Salad Song" as an act of revenge!

The bonus tracks here are an instrumental version of "Salad", so that you can add your own parody lyrics and another compelling work from the same CD "A Big Elephant". I love Tuba solos and this one is a doozey!

- Contributed by: Rocketboy

Image: Cover

Media: CD
Album: Primary 2
Label: Yamaha Music Foundation
Credits: "The Salad Song" MakikoYamazaki / Naoko Yamazaki / "The Salad Song" (Accompaniment) Makiko Yamazaki / "A Big Elephant" Yayoi Hirabe Date: 1992