2007   JUNE 22   #173

Who Am I? Part II - unknown 9/11 tribute album

1. Track 1 (3:00)
2. Track 2 (2:26)
3. Track 3 (1:50)
4. Track 4 (2:28)
5. Track 5 (3:38)
6. Track 6 (3:56)
7. Track 7 (6:36)
8. Track 8 (3:06)
9. Track 9 (1:52)

This is undoubtedly one of the tackiest tributes I've ever heard. It's another one from a friend of a friend, and nothing is known about it except that it was submitted to a CD duplication company, presumably somewhere in the United States. Any help identifying this guy will be rewarded handsomely.

The first track opens with the memorable lyric: "On September 11th of 2001 / When we turned on the TV it was not fun / Some terrorists attacked the Twin Towers / Then they hit the Pentagon within the hour / Now America's at war / Now what the Hell is going on?" It only gets more painful from there. There's no good reason for more than one song to mention that the events in question occurred on the morning of September 11th, or that Osama bin Laden was behind it all, or that hijacked planes were involved, or that we're America and we're damned well going to hunt down and kill everyone responsible and send them all to Hell.

The fourth track is dedicated to bin Laden, and in the first line of the first verse our singer calls him an "uncircumcised heathen infidel." He then proceeds to taunt Osama with juicy tidbits as to the manner in which his and the other terrorists' "carcasses" will be handled following their imminent deaths. It's hard for me to imagine that he was being serious about any of this, but I'm sure he was. At times, this guy really seems to hate Middle Easterners in general. "Let us all show them / This is not the Middle East / God bless America / Let's take care of the beast." Quite a lot of the lyrics border on the macabre, while others are just plain ridiculous. "The ones who ate your food / They had turned into your foe / They can tear down the towers / Of our beautiful nation." Seriously, there just aren't words to describe how bad this is. Apart perhaps from the lyrics themselves.

- Contributed by: Clayton Counts