2007   JUNE 16   #167

Stanley Z. Daniels, M.D. - Sex For Teens (Where It's At)

Sex For Teens (Where It's At) - Side 1 (20:28)
Sex For Teens (Where It's At) - Side 2 (21:27)

By request... this one is for "snoopy" who wrote, "Ooooo! Do you have "Sex for Teens" by Stanley Daniels? please, please, please, please...."

With 4 mentions of the word please and having the cdr by my computer, the call had to be answered.

Never have owned the album or the ones in the series... yes series! I have only heard this one and hope to hear the others one day. The series featured "Sex Explained For Children," "Sex For Teens (Where It's At)," and "Sex For Adults (Is Fun - Particularly When You're In Love)".

I obtained a really nice quality copy of Sex For Teens on CDR from John K. Fitzpatick (proprietor of The Oddball Auditorium years back). I remember John mentioning he found it on Napster (or maybe Audiogalaxy or Newsgroups). It's a great quality copy of my all time favorite sex-ed record (the Christopher Recordings coming in at second place). So here it is... Sex For Teens!

Oh yea, some guy named Beck sampled it too. And a handful of other folks.

- Contributed by: Otis Fodder

Media: LP
Album: Sex For Teens (Where It's At)
Label: Event/Carapan
Catalog: EV-5693
Credits: Stanley Z. Daniels, M.D.
Date: 1969