2007   JUNE 15   #166

Who Am I? Part I - Chris Stines (?)

01. Track 1 (4:19)
02. Track 2 (5:35)
03. Track 3 (4:30)
04. Track 4 (4:16)
05. Track 5 (4:30)
06. Track 6 (3:50)
07. Track 7 (4:46)
08. Track 8 (3:56)
09. Track 9 (5:13)
10. Track 10 (4:45)
11. Track 11 (4:55)
12. Track 12 (4:55)

Very little is known about the man singing these songs. I am fairly certain that his first name is Chris, but his last name may be misspelled or altogether wrong. I just have no idea. Here is what has been verified: (i) the CD was recorded at least five years ago, though probably closer to ten or more; (ii) the accompaniment is very likely somebody else's; and (iii) the recording was submitted to a CD duplication service in or around Boston, Mass. Any information regarding Mr. Stines' true identity or his whereabouts is greatly appreciated.

I won't say too much about these songs. The lyrics are some kind of French glossolalia, with a bit of English thrown in arbitrarily. This is outsider music at its best: unknown, at times unnerving, and presumably unrehearsed. Also, the final track has quite a few glitches. I had to play the CD and record the output to rip it. It's one of Chris' more soulful numbers, however, so I decided to include it. Enjoy!

- Contributed by: Clayton Counts