2007   JUNE 14   #165

Keope - The King And I

01. Greetings (1:09)
02. Bugga-Wugga (2:46)
03. Adam Walking With The Lord (4:43)
04. Be Free, One (3:29)
05. A Song Of Joy For Flute (2:38)
06. Latin Luau (4:26)
07. Selah (1:49)
08. Strawberry Jam (4:47)
09. Tahiti Heat (0:52)
10. Be Free, Two (4:26)

Now THIS is my idea of Christian music! In some ways this record sort of reminds me of The Residents' "Eskimo," in that it seems to be a series of electronic impressions of different little scenes, except these are on Christian themes instead of about Eskimos. It also really has that "switched-on moog-ploitation" sound from the early 70s, though this was recorded much later, in the mid-80s. I don't know much about Keope- this is a private press LP from the San Diego area. It's the only copy I've come across.

- Contributed by: Pea Hix

Images: Front Cover, Credits, Keope

Media: LP
Album: Keope - The King And I
Label: Keo-Neo
Catalog: KN-101
Credits: Keope
Date: 1986