2007   JUNE 13   #164

Strawberry Shortcake - Shortcake Hits Vol. 2!

What The World Needs Now (3:31)
Celebration (3:24)
I Was Born To Disco (3:43)

I was super jealous when somebody else got to do Strawberry Shortcake music for 365 Days back in 2003 (I thought I had dibs! lol) We'll call this "Shortcake Hits Vol. 2!"

This is one of the rare occasions when outsider music comes from a toy and cartoon character. Most of the early versions of this records I found had cracks clean through them, as if kids (or a parent) had jumped on them or thrown them against a wall after a listen.

I've listened to every Shortcake LP I've come across, and most have boring kids singing. The ones where Strawberry actually sings are horrible treasures of torture to be cherished. Here are 3 more shortcake classics for your pleasure. These come from the albums:

"Strawberry Shortcake Live" (1980) which is definately the crown jewel LP of the strawberry patch and features the song "Celebration".

""I Love You" (1981) and the cut "What The World Needs Now"


""Let's Dance With Strawberry Shortcake" (1983) - Featuring the sinister "I Was Born To Disco" by The Blueberry Chef - which sounds oddly similar to the vocalizations of Archbishop Jason Polland of The Nourishment.

And who was behind the music? None other then Flo & Eddie! They produced 4 albums for Strawberry Shortcake (and the Care Bears.. but maybe another day we will feature the bears). The only song on today's strawberrylishus selections that is Flo & Eddie produced, is the dance floor monster... "I Was Born To Disco".

Click your mouse and I'll see you all in Strawberry Land! Mwaa Ha ha ha

- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)