2007   JUNE 10   #161

Tour Guide "Reggie" Presents A Tour Of Chicago

Tour Guide "Reggie" Presents A Tour Of Chicago (45:41)

A decade ago I received this recording in the mail from Bob Nelson, who recorded Reggie on a trolley tour of the Windy City. For a large majority of the 1990s we had a great tape exchange going. The internet arrived and slowly the pastime of waiting for a package in the mailbox and the art of the mixtape transformed into instant gratification and audio files. Not saying either/or is good or bad. There was just a time and a place for fond memories of tape trades (and speaking of the mailbox... anticipating the next issue of Factsheet 5 to be delivered).

And now, let's take that tour of Chicago!

- Contributed by: Otis Fodder (by way of Bob Nelson)

Media: Cassette
Date: 1998