2007   JUNE 9   #160

Laura Huxley - Recipes for Living and Loving

Recipes For Living and Loving - Your Favorite Flower (19:19)
Recipes For Living and Loving - Rainbow Walk (19:10)

Long week? Feeling tired and worn out? Here's the perfect selection for a Saturday in late Spring. It's Laura Huxley presenting two of her "Recipes for Living and Loving"; "Your Favorite Flower" and "Rainbow Walk".

Laura Huxley is a musician and philosopher born in 1911. She was married to author Aldous Huxley from 1956 until his death seven years later. Anything you might want to know about her and what she's doing today can be found here: http://www.children-ourinvestment.org/

...and to a much lesser degree here: http://www.laurahuxley.com/

This recording can best be pigeon-holed as "new age meditation". Laura Huxley talks you through soothing scenarios aimed at helping you find that "place". Whether you find that "place" or not is secondary (in my opinion) to the artistry that is Laura's voice. It's delicious. Bathe in it. Drink deeply of its rich honey. Her voice is ideally suited to the meditative pursuits. Whether you pay attention or not, I'm sure you'll come away from hearing these tracks with a sense of peace and self and "place".

Look fully. Breathe deeply. Enjoy completely.

- Contributed by: Andre Dupuy

Images: Front Cover, Laura Huxley

Media: 33 1/3 rpm LP
Album: Recipes for Living and Loving
Label: Everest Records
Catalog: SDBR 3361 (E)
Date: 1973