2007   JUNE 5   #156

Three Pea's In A Podd

01. Call Me (3:30)
02. The Shadow Of Your Smile (4:59)
03. Goin' Out Of My Head (4:35)
04. I Wish You Love (4:15)
05. The Song Is You (5:31)
06. If I Ruled The World (4:44)
07. Nancy (5:06)
08. What Can Of Fool Am I? (3:29)
09. Misty (5:30)
10. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (3:40)

Back in the early 80's I would travel across the state to Kalamazoo to visit friends. One of our regular activities were to hit the goodwills and resale shops for undiscovered treasures. At one of the goodwill locations I searched through hundreds of records. Walking out with what I thought would be some real gems. On our return from our hunt I plopped the Peas on the the turntable and what came from the speakers had me wondering.

Wondering why I hadn't been looking for this sort of thing prior to this find. Aside from "An Evening With Wild Man Fischer" I would say this is the record that changed shopping habits.

Three Peas In A Podd were a Michigan band, I assume playing weddings and lounge gigs. There is something wrong (incorrect) about every element of this group. From the off key trumpet playing to off key singing.

- Contributed by: The Tod

Images: Cover Front, Cover Back

Media: LP
Album: Three Pea's In A Podd
Label: String Bean Productions
Catalog: PRSD-2190