2007   MAY 29   #149

My Insurance Man

1. Overture and Welcome (5:42)
2. What Makes a Professional (6:20)
3. My Insurance Man (3:01)
4. Taxes and Money (4:06)
5. Dear Miss Smith (2:51)
6. Taxes and Money (reprise) (1:10)
7. Graduation Day is Here (2:14)

Taken from the liner notes:

"My insurance man" -- To be called "my insurance man" by clients is the goal of every producer -- and is the mark of a professional.

... If you attended Continentals 1968 Key Club and saw "My Insurance Man" -- relax now and let the music remind you of a great show.

If you missed seeing "My Insurance Man," set the needle to the record, and as the last notes of the show fade, promise yourself you wont miss next year's production.

And now -- The Overature -- it's curtain time for "My Insurance Man" ... the adventures of Irv Deal as he moves toward greater professionalism in the world of insurance."

Found @ the WFMU record fair :)

- Contributed by: B.C. Sterrett (The Lost Media Archive)

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover, Label

Media: LP
Album: My Insurance Man
Catalog: 858C 4960
Credits: Continental Assurance Co. Key Club Presents...
Date: 1968