2007   MAY 28   #148

Roger Hallmark - A Message to Khomeini / Maharishi

A Message to Khomeini (2:38)
Maharishi (3:14)

Everything old is new again, the names just change. As the United States tests the waters of war with Iran, this novelty song from 1979 by Roger Hallmark was a small hit on radio during the months leading up to the election of Ronald Reagan. Not only was it enraged at how our old friend the Shah was being treated, it also took the opportunity to toss in a few racist Ayrab jabs.

This Time Magazine article from December 17, 1979, reports on the climate that this song was considered funny in.

Included is the unfunny flip side, "Maharishi" for posterity's sake.

- Contributed by: John Mitchell

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Media: 45
Label: Vulcan
Catalog: V-10004
Date: 1979