2007   MAY 25   #145

America In World War II

Side A: Pearl Harbor To Teheran (25:36)
Side B: D-Day To V-J Day (25:36)

The back cover of this LP is full of information about this recording, so I won't go on and on repeating the cover scan. I do think a storyline such as this for classroom use is a great way to learn. Keeps your attention much more then a boring lecture on historical facts and fiction, in my humble boring opinion. The opening "generation gap" introduction/discussion between mother and daughter (and party visitors) is tops. Thanks to "The Apartment" for turning me on to this record years ago.

- Contributed by: Otis Fodder

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: LP
Album: America In World War II
Label: Chevron School Broadcast ("Our Nation's Heritage" series)
Catalog: CHEV 18-35/36
Date: 1971