2007   MAY 7   #127

Various Vinyl Vanity Pressings

01. Joel Barron and Billy Wilson Trio - The Could Be The Start Of Something Big (2:49)
      from "An Evening At The Tally Ho" (No Label)
02. Brooke Brown - Proud Mary (4:29)
      from "Live At The Brooke Brown Cabaret" (B Records V&B100) 1978
03. The Carey-Garfin Four - Fly Me To Moon (1:59)
04. The Carey-Garfin Four - The Three Bears (2:25)
05. The Carey-Garfin Four - Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah (2:42)
06. The Carey-Garfin Four - Proud Mary (2:52)
07. The Carey-Garfin Four - Along Came Jones (4:09)
      from "A Time For Us 1965-1971" (C G Records)
08. Lyn Larsen - Rubber Ducky (1:48)
      from "Something Special" (Malar Productions MAS2014)
09. Ray Malus - Medley (More) (Endlessly) (4:44)
      from "Requestfully Yours" (Moebius MR10001-S)
10. Alan Scott - Make Someone Happy/Smile (1:59)
11. Alan Scott - Tie A Yellow Ribbon' Round The Old Oak Tree (2:41)
      from "Sings!" (No Label, Century Records Pressing)

While living in Reno, Nevada in 2006 (for 9 months) I picked up the six records featured today. One of the characteristics that tie these records together is that they are all vanity pressings. Self-released records by the artists themselves. Or that's the way it seemed by what the record jackets and labels had to say. Recordings such as these are among my personal favorites and they are almost always shoved in a $1 (or less) box under the main records for sale in second hand stores. In this case they were all found at a Goodwill down the street from my house in Reno. Before moving away from biggest little city in the world (presently in Toronto) I went on another "Vinyl Liquidation" where I purged the vinyl featured and recorded my personal favorites from each album to CDR for future listening. Never thinking there would be another 365 Days I didn't bother scanning the cover art.

These songs rock harder then most of the crap on commercial radio. Maybe I'm alone in that observation, but, listen to the breakdown on Brooke Brown's 'Proud Mary' at the 3 minute mark. Funky as hell. Or in some part of hell, but I'm there and feeling what Brooke is laying down. Or the flute solos and breakdown's on The Carey-Garfin Four's "Fly Me To The Moon". I'm there on Jupiter and Mars. And it goes on. Dig out some of these vanity pressings at thrifts and look me up, we'll slap some records on the player.

- Contributed by: Otis Fodder