2007   APRIL 20   #110

Zeb Scott

Zeb Scott - You've Got The Style, Girl (2:07)
Zeb Scott - Ever Since This Morning (2:06)
Zeb Scott - Big Dipper, Little Dipper (2:12)

Formerly an employee at a bubble-wrap manufacturer in NJ, Richard Zebulon Scott wrote, sang, and played every instrument on these compelling gems. "You've Got The Style" sets the tone, with Zeb's propensity for rhyming a word with itself at the end of a phrase to the fore. On "Ever Since", his far-reaching rhythmic concept is displayed (dig the 5/8 bar going into the second verse!). "Big Dipper" shows his wistful and vulnerable side. Through it all, the lyrics reign supreme: "But we're movin' on, can't you see, girl, in the world we live in today"; "Ever since this morning, I fell in love with you right now"; "Big dipper, little dipper, among the constellations of today". Zeb Scott is one of the true unsung giants of the 'New Jersey Locals'.

- Contributed by: Hoppy Stone

Media: Cassette