2007   APRIL 19   #109

Six Flags Over Texas - The Sound of Fun Surrounds You

1. The Sound Of Fun Surrounds You (7:15)
2. Six Flags Song (2:06)
3. Six Flags March (2:39)

A very informative guide Six Flags Theme Park off the Dallas / Fort Worth Turnpike circa 1967. The 7 1/2 minute opening track on Side A "The Sound of Fun Surrounds You" gives the listener an idea of what to expect when exploring Six Flags, while "Six Flags Song" and "Six Flags March" give them something to whistle or hum as they explore.

Note the "Bozo" autograph in red marker on the cover. Was there a Bozo at Six Flags?

- Contributed by: The Bomarr Monk

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: 7"
Album: The Sound of Fun Surrounds You
Date: 1967