2007   APRIL 14   #104

1968 US Presidential Campaign 45s

Hermanitos Garcia - Robert F. Kennedy Plegaria (3:11)
Hermanitos Garcia - Robert F. Kennedy Prayer (3:17)
Chuck Aherns and The Cannonballs - Wallace Cannonball (3:47)
Chuck Aherns and The Cannonballs - American Party Song (2:17)

Here's two 45s from the 1968 US Presidential Campaign, representing two disparately fringe constituencies. The first is by Hermanitos Garcia, and is a bilingual "Prayer" for Robert F. Kennedy, who had just been assassinated. I don't speak Spanish, so I'm not sure if the Spanish lyrics flow more poetically than their English translation. At any rate, the awkwardness of their English phrasing is more or less matched by the two sides by Chuck Aherns, singing the praises of his man George Wallace. Chuck is very concerned with maintaining law and order, gun rights, stamping out communists and hippies, etc. At times he sort of inverts his sentences like Yoda. This 45 is from Texas, and I'm guessing that the Garcia Brothers 45 is probably also from Texas.

WH Records - G.S. Parody (2:45)
WH Records - Party Patter (3:27)

As a bonus, I'm including a 45 from the 1966 California Gubernatorial race, this one featuring a bit more cleverness and nuance than Chuck Aherns was able to muster.

- Contributed by: Pea Hix

Images: Hermanitos Garcia, Chuck Aherns and The Cannonballs, WH Records

Media: 45
Titles: Robert F. Kennedy Plegaria / Prayer
Label: Durango
Catalog: DUR-1010
Credits: Hermanitos Garcia
Date: 1968

Media: 45
Titles: Wallace Cannonball / American Party Song
Label: Red White And Blue Records
Catalog: W101
Credits: Chuck Aherns and The Cannonballs
Date: 1968

Media: 45
Titles: G.S. Parody / Party Patter
Label: WH Records
Date: 1966