2007   APRIL 11   #101

Confidential Charlie - The Sensational Decision....Win, Place, or Show

1. The Sensational Decision (Side 1) (15:21)
2. The Sensational Decision (Side 2) (14:03)

A full-length record read by "Confidential Charlie", an avid horse race fan who can barely read. Charlie gives you tips on how to "Win, Place, or Show" at the race track.

From the back of the LP:

"The decision win, place or show is for you to make, but to prepare you for this decision, you must listen to and abide by the instruction on the recording. "Confidential Charlie" has devoted a lot of his time and experience to making this recording. This makes it possible for anyone who frequents the race track to be able to purchase a racing form and select their own winner. He must take a lot into consideration: track condition, class of race, jockey, distance of race, speed in race, pace of race, etc., etc. Every detail, regardless if it is small or large, is broken down so that you may make the right decision"

- Contributed by: The Bomarr Monk

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: LP
Album: The Sensational Decision....Win, Place, or Show