2007   APRIL 8   #098

Pat Morris - We're Diabetic/It's Not The End Of The World

1. We're Diabetic (3:46)
2. It's Not The End Of The World (4:08)

After trawling through a couple of hundred records in a local charity shop I found myself with only one solitary 7" single worthy of investigation, it just had the words "We're Diabetic So What!" on the front along with a picture of a bunch of school kids and their teachers all wearing British Diabetic Association t-shirts. As I approached the counter to pay for the record I noticed there was a man having a conversation with the cashier, getting within ear distance I realized the discussion was about the pro's and cons of being a diabetic, it turned out they were both diabetics. An instinctive reaction caused me to suddenly stop in my tracks and pretend to browse the nearby bookshelf whilst discreetly hiding the record so it couldn't be seen by the man and cashier at the counter. After a while the man made his exit and I was left with the tough decision of whether to buy the record, meaning I would have to be served by a lady cashier who I knew was diabetic herself or put the record back and make a quick exit myself. Curiosity got the better of me and after some contemplation I placed the record on the counter and tried to soften the embarrassing situation by saying how much of a coincidence it was that she had just been talking about diabetics etc. Thankfully the cashier didn't ask me why I was buying the record and seemed more interested in talking further about the problems she encountered being a diabetic. We ended up having a lengthy conversation about various eating disorders and being a vegetarian, which was fine by me because during this time I managed to pay for the record, put it away in my bag and avoid any tricky questioning.

Both songs on this record are composed and sung by somebody called Pat Morris who for some reason is known to the kid's as Posty Pat or W.I.N.D.Y. I have read the text on the sleeve and the label of the record over and over again but cannot find any clue as to what W.I.N.D.Y stands for or why he is known as it, but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for it however strange it might be.

The new wave sounding A side "We're Diabetic" is far superior to the melancholy and reflective B side "It's Not The End Of The World", but after repeated listens even the B side grows on you, maybe because it's so horrible you can't believe it's happening, I'm not sure. Anyway two great songs, a great cover with the lyrics on the back and the fact that it's on High Fiberecords Ltd all adds up to my favourite record of the moment.

By the way you might have noticed from the scan of the back cover that a sticker with the "We're Diabetic" title on has been stuck over some writing, this is because the sleeve was printed with the side 2 credit "It's Not The End Of The World" twice, a strange mistake to make considering the title of the record is "We're Diabetic".

- Contributed by: Fraser Berry

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover, Label

Media: 7"
Label: High Fibrecords
Catalog: SRT 5KS
Credits: by Pat Morris (or Posty Pat or Windy). Produced by Jerry Stevenson.