2007   APRIL 5   #095

Derrick Hannibal - Demo

Derrick Hannibal - Demo (Feeling Old Feelings, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, A Capella Medley, Conclusion) (6:41)

This soulful young singer distributed his demo to many well-known songwriters and producers in the early 1980s. Mr. Hannibal does not employ backup musicians; he goes it first with recorded backing (which as he states does "no way interfere with the way I'm comin' from'"), and then performs 'portions of songs a capella'. His rangy falsetto, quirky melodic sense, and singular intervallic concept will linger in your memory long after his spoken conclusion. His verbal interjections supplement the environment he creates for these songs, and his momentary lapse into conventional tonality on the intro of 'Breaking Up' is jarring indeed. There are so many fine moments that you will surely have a hard time picking favorites.

- Contributed by: Hoppy Stone

Media: Cassette
Date: Early 1980s