2007   APRIL 4   #094

Victor Jory - Bumpo the Ballerina

Victor Jory - Bumpo the Ballerina Pt 1 (7:12)
Victor Jory - Bumpo the Ballerina Pt 2 (7:19)

Pity the kid today. Like the sugar we shovel into their mouths, we feed their brains with syrupy shit. Sure, Teletubbies are great when you are stoned, but they are nothing to raise a child on. Baby Einstein? Please. Our genius pussy hound would shove pencils in his eyes if he saw that his name was attached to such light weight pap. There was once a time, not long ago, when we did not coddle our children's minds, when we believed, nay, expected that their thinkers could handle a bit more than a stupid purple dinosaur or that asshole Raffi. That was a time that produced the wonderful Julie Andrews record backed by Moondog, Boris Karloff reading Hans Christian Andersen, and this little gem of a record, Bumpo the Ballerina. Stocked with a cast that includes Voltaire Vulture, Lottie Lion, and Gertie Gazelle (how many of today's kid's CDs reference Voltaire, Lotte Lenya, and Gertrude Stein?!), the tale of Bumpo the Ballerina is narrated by Victor Jory. Jory's screen credits include Gone with the Wind, The Miracle Worker, and Papillon, as well as the title role of The Shadow. Though there is no release date on this, I'm guessing it saw wax in the early 60s. Enjoy.

- Contributed by: Scott Soriano

Images: Bumpo

Media: 7"
Album: Bumpo the Ballerina
Label: Avant
Catalog: HO-8H-1180
Credits: Theodore Harris / Elliot Arluck
Date: 196?