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For Shannah - Songs I Made - by Jimmy

I found this tape at a thrift store several years ago. It appears to be have been made in 1988 by a high school student (or maybe college- do they even have "world religions" courses in high school?) for a friend of his (a possible romantic prospect?). In any event, Jimmy seems to have some decent skillz with the synthesizers and drum machines, but I'm guessing by his lyrics and vocals that he was probably Barnes & Barnes' number one fan. I wonder what Shannah's response was to these songs? And I wonder if Karen and/or Lori were previous conquests that didn't work out? I mean, what other reason would a guy set Sylvia Plath's "Mad Girl's Love Song" to music, at the request of some chick, other than for a potential hook-up? We'll probably never know for sure. It would seem, though, that Jimmy probably handed out a fair amount of these tapes, as this one is recorded over an old Outfield cassette (notice the tissue paper still crammed in the record protect holes). Classy move, Jimmy!! I mean, those keyboards couldn't have been cheap. You'd think he could afford a decent blank tape! At least he managed to scrounge a j-card from a TDK SA-X 90. I bet Shannah would rather have had the tape as-is, without Jimmy's goofy songs recorded over it!

In case you can't make out the scrawlings on the j-card:

"For Shannah! Songs I Made (c) 1988 by Jimmy"
1. Chant (spooky!) (3:20)
2. Mad Girl's Love Song (some poem Karen asked me to make a song out of. Natalie sang it.) (3:19)
3. Let's Be Happy! (I made this for Lori when she was sad) (4:26)
4. In Shadows Lurk Dead Guys (Matt and me made the words for this in World Religions class) (7:00)
5. Fred O' Fred (my first song- dumb!) (8:07)
6. You Suck Like An Abalone (NO, NOT YOU! another dumb song) (4:02)
7. Max Headroom For The Deaf (don't ask!) (4:50)
"I hope you like my songs!! Tell me what you think. [heart] Jimmy"

- Contributed by: Quentin Watson

Images: Cover Front, Cover Back, Cassette Side A, Cassette Side B

Media: Cassette
Album: For Shannah - Songs I Made - by Jimmy
Credits: Jimmy, with Natalie and Hans guesting on vocals
Date: 1988