2007   MARCH 23   #082

Mike Sophia - Cow

Mike Sophia - Cow (3:36)

I know very little about this man except that he gave a friend of mine his demo CD in a Los Angeles alleyway, while my friend was shooting some second-unit material for a TV show. It made its way to me, and I still can barely contain my glee whenever I listen to it. Until now, I've shared it with almost no one, feeling too close to it for some reason. It's certainly earnest, but it's also awkward, strange, and wonderful - at least to me. So, I've since revised that opinion - it needs to be heard!

""Cow" is definitely the standout track. Whether or not it's "outsider" I cannot say. In fact, the less I say about this, the better. I will say this, however: I believe this song is truly unique, and appears to be the work of a very peculiar, homespun talent.

- Contributed by: Jonathan Ward