2007   FEBRUARY 23   #054

Stratton Mountain Boys - Musikanten auf Reisen/Alphornklange

Musikanten auf Reisen (3:01)
Alphornklange (1:49)

The Stratton Mountain Boys have been entertaining guests of the Stratton Mountain ski resort in Vermont for decades with their lively brand of traditional Alpine music. Founded in the early sixties by Austrian native Emo Henrich, the Boys are still going strong today under the tutelage of Stefan Schernthaner (pictured). These two cuts are from their 20th Anniversary LP, which was released in the early 1980s.

"Musikanten auf Reisen" is a rollicking S.M.B. original; "Alphornklange" is a more traditional number that, as the name suggests, demonstrates the mighty power of the Alphorn. Be sure to check out their website. They do tour during the Summer, so even if you don't ski you might get a chance to see them.

- Contributed by: James Greene, Jr.

Media: 12" LP
Album: 20th Anniversary
Label: Stratton, Vermont
Credits: Str. Mt. Boys, S. Avsenik, Brane Preseren (songwriters)