2007   FEBRUARY 18   #049

Tabby Andriello - Tabby 'n Things: The World's Greatest Mediocrity

01 China Boy (1:41)
02 I Don't Know Why (2:19)
03 Spring Song (3:22)
04 Chinatown, My Chinatown (1:39)
05 Mama (1:47)
06 Alpine Melody (2:03)
07 Limehouse Blues (1:44)
08 Mozart's Flute Quartet (4:48)
09 Still Wie Die Nacht (2:51)
10 The World's Greatest Music (3:34)
11 Traditional Sicilian Melody (2:11)
12 Bye Bye Blues (1:32)

I've had this album forever, and I have absolutely no recollection of where or when I picked it up. I'm sure the cover and the liner notes intrigued me, and once I played it, I know I wasn't let down, as I've played it dozens of times since. I love the variety to the instrumentation, the off-kilter vocals, and the general feel of the whole production.

Personal favorites are the first and last tracks. A bit of satire, "The World's Greatest Music" thrown into side two, seems out of place to me, but otherwise, this is just about as perfectly peculiar as an album can get. I encourage you to read the original liner notes to the album, as they add a further level of enjoyment to the listening experience.

As to who Tabby is or was, I have absolutely no idea, despite years of searching. Even web searches only tend to find one consistent hit, for someone by the same name who contributed "Special Effects" to a Bob James album in the early 1980's. Anyone who knows anything about this album is strongly encouraged to fill me in, as well as educating the rest of the 365 listening audience.

- Contributed by: Bob Purse

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: 12" LP
Album: Tabby 'n Things: The World's Greatest Mediocrity