2007   FEBRUARY 16   #047

Little Markie - It's A Whole New World

01 Big House (3:14)
02 Be Strong (2:26)
03 Holy, Holy, Holy (3:11)
04 I Forgive You (2:44)
05 Shalom (4:47)
06 King Of The Jungle (2:27)
07 John 3:16 (2:36)
08 The Lord's Prayer (3:23)
09 I Am So Small (5:26)
10 Fire Of Unity (4:21)

Here's a manchild who should need no introduction to WFMU listeners. I first heard Li'l Markie on the Incorrect Music program in 2001, and he's been played and discussed here several times since then. So when I found this unassuming CD-R rip in a thrift store, I knew what I was getting into. The title scrawled on in purple Sharpie - I have no idea what the actual cover looked like. I'm guessing this album is from the late 1990s, and compared to his earlier stuff, it's fairly tame. No harrowing tales of abortion, alcoholism or crucifixion here, bit it's got Markie singing away in his trademark shrill falsetto, this time backed with a full Christian allterna-pop band. I shared the first track in the 2003, but I really think the whole album is worth a listen.

For the uninitiated, you can learn more about Li'l Markie here (February 23). Also here.

- Contributed by: Suzanne Baumann

Images: Front Cover

Media: CDR
Album: It's A Whole New World