2007   FEBRUARY 15   #046

Goddard High School Stage Band

1 Goddard High School Stage Band - Fire (1:25)
2 Goddard High School Stage Band - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (3:03)

Years ago, I privately released a slapped-together, cheesy, homemade CD titled Poly High: School Bands Play the Classics, which was filled with cheesy, homemade recordings of high school bands playing hard rock hits of the 60s and 70s. One of those bands, the Goddard High School Stage Band of Roswell, New Mexico, I had a particular penchant for. I don't know if it was their wall-of-muddy-sound, or their vocalist's strains, but their 1970 LP, The Goddard High School Stage Band Goes Underground, got a lot of plays at my house.

Lo and behold, I later heard from an original member of the band who gave me a copy of their first and better LP from 1969, where they performed under the name "The Wild Ones." These two tracks stem from that piece of genius.

And while you're listening: who among us can step up to the plate and tell the hidden history of the roving recorders involved with those no-name record labels which traveled the country recording high school bands? Labels like Century, Silver Crest, Custom Recording Specialists, American Record Company, Band 'N Vocal Mobile Recording Service, Russ Enloe Custom Records etc., etc. Most likely, their unique history will remain unwritten.

- Contributed by: Jonathan Ward

Image: This album manufactured by Century Records

Media: 12" LP
Album: The Goddard High School Stage Band Goes Underground
Date: 1969