2007   FEBRUARY 14   #045

Love 1 / Love 2

Love 1 / Love 2 (35:59)

Here's an obscure disc in the vein of "Music For Sensuous Lovers by Z" and "The Sounds Of Love... A to Zzzz." This record came in a plain white sleeve, with just the label as you see it in the scan. Is it me or does Phil sound way older than 26? And does the chick sound like she's been shooting too much smack? Too bad this isn't part of the "Play It Safe" series, as it'd definitely be more appropriate for MY swingin' pad- these people talk about the things I talk about every day... day or night! The only thing I'm missing is my very own Electronic Pleasure Provider. Anyone know where I can get one of those?

- Contributed by: Pea Hix

Images: Vinyl

Media: 12" LP
Album: Love 1 / Love 2
Catalog: 221978 / 221979
Date: late 60s / early 70s?