2007   FEBRUARY 12   #043

Caprice Capers/Caprice Capers II/The Conn Prelude Is Fun

Caprice Capers - Side 1 (8:23)
Caprice Capers - Side 2 (7:53)

Caprice Capers II - Side 1 (6:28)
Caprice Capers II - Side 2 (5:36)

The Conn Prelude Is Fun - Side 1 (6:33)
The Conn Prelude Is Fun - Side 2 (5:30)

The Mighty Organ that you can play at home! Featured today are three product demonstration discs from the Conn Organ Company. While you listen to the recordings take a gander at the long rich history of Conn, take a tour of a Conn Organ Plant in 1971, and check out this Wikipedia entry to get a brief introduction. With limited information to be found online it seems as if the Caprice is from the 1950s and the Prelude from the early 1960s but maybe a reader out there can share this knowledge. Below are additional covers of the instructional booklets that accompanied the Organs (found via ebay).

- Contributed by: Andrew Lander and Otis Fodder

Images: Caprice Capers, Caprice Capers II, The Conn Prelude Is Fun

Images (Instructional Booklets): 430 Conn Caprice, 432 Conn Caprice, Conn Prelude

Caprice Capers
Media: 7" Single
Label: RCA Custom Records
Catalog: 4148
Credits: Bert Lynn (commentator)
Model: 430 Conn Caprice

Caprice Capers II
Media: 7" Single
Label: Conn Organ Corporation
Catalog: 5-5802
Credits: Franklyn MacCormack (commentator) and Don Kingston (recording artist)
Model: 432 Conn Caprice

The Conn Prelude Is Fun
Media: 7" Single
Label: Conn Organ Corporation
Credits: Franklyn MacCormack (commentator) and Dale Zieger (recording artist)
Model: Conn Prelude