2007   FEBRUARY 11   #042

Peter Gault and Amy Rachelle - A Psycho-Sexual Incantation

1 Peter Gault and Amy Rachelle - Cosmic Vagina (1:10)
2 Peter Gault and Amy Rachelle - Constipation (1:31)

A DJ should never give away his trade secrets but, friends, for this one time, I am giving to you something I have played for years on WFMU's Anal Magic: the famous "I'm From Vagina" rant. You can thank the FCC for this gift. After Nipplegate, we were forced to yank anything dealing with sexual and excretory body parts and their respective functions, sexual or non-sexual. Hence, I was banned from playing this lovely ditty. In the same fell swoop, the FCC forced me to change the name of my show, then known as Anal Magic. It's now known as Intelligent Design. Thank you Michael Powell.

That said, these two over-the-top rants come from an erotica disc called "A Psycho-Sexual Incantation," which is an adaptation of Gault's novel "Knucklehead." The disc also doubles as a soundtrack for a performance art stage show.

I played this recently at a lecture I gave on music that can't be aired on the radio in the United States at last year's Third Coast Radio Festival in Chicago. After the lecture, a Canadian radio producer came rushing up to me to tell me that "I'm From Vagina" is really an allusion to "I'm From Regina", the Canadian province. Go figure.

- Contributed by: Kenny G (WFMU/UbuWeb)

Media: CD
Album: A Psycho-Sexual Incantation