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Horace Silver - Accepting Responsibility

Horace Silver - Accepting Responsibility (5:28)

Clean up your room, take out the trash and bop hard with Horace Silver!

I found this record in the best tradition of 365 Days: in a box of free stuff outside a church basement in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

In between these jazz tunes there are little recitations by Bill Cosby! Most of the music doesn't grab me like this catchy opening cut, which , thanks to it's non-rhyming lyrics, you can make up lots of words to. I play it for my kids all the time, but somehow I'm the one taking out the trash.

- Contributed by: Henry Lowengard

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Here are the lyrics and a bit of liner notes:

You take out the trash, and clean up your room.
You do the dishes and you might sweep the floor.
These things are your chores.

You gather your toys and put them away.
The weeks allowance must be earned and what's more, these things are your chores.

We must all accept responsibility, can't you see, as we grow, responsibility grows too.

Your homework you know has got to be done.
Please pay attention when in school, you'll learn more.
These things are your chores.


As you're growing older there's duties you must shoulder so always just remember this.

It's time that you learn to do for yourself.
Don't always look for both your parents to do.
They're countin' on you.

Look out for your Mom, look out for your Dad Your family needs help and what should they do?
They're countin' on you.

We must all accept responsibility, can't you see, as we grow, responsibility grows too.

The world's in a mess. There's people in need.
Don't wait for someone else to speak and to do.
They're countin' on you.

Tag Ending

As you grow you must accept responsibility.

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All music, lyrics, arrangements and recitations written by Horace Silver and published by Ecaroh Music Inc. (c) 1980

recorded Sept 18,1981

GUIDES TO GROWING UP was partly inspired by my brother John and partly inspired by my son Gregory to whom along with all the pre- teenage children of the world I dedicate this recording. Although GUIDES TO GROWING UP is dedicated to pre-teenage children it might not be a bad idea for us grownups to review some of the principles of good living that are expressed here which are always worthy of our consideration. I would like to thank all the beautiful people involved in the making of this record for their full co-operation wit the fervent prayer that GUIDES TO GROWING UP will go forth and bless.

Yours In Loving Fellowship,
Horace Silver

Horace Silver did a few records like this: Silveto is his private label.

-Guides to Growing Up
-There's No Need to Struggle
-Spiritualizing the Senses
-Continuity of The Spirit
-Music to Ease Your Disease

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Media: 12" LP
Album: Horace Silver's Guides to Growing Up
Label: Silveto
Catalog: SPR 101
Credits: Horace Silver
Date: 1981