2007   FEBRUARY 9   #040

Dick Catan - Sassy but Classy/The Swingin' Sicilian

1 Sassy but Classy - Side 1 (17:01)
2 Sassy but Classy - Side 2 (15:51)

1 The Swingin' Sicilian - Side 1 - A-Sa-Benerica (9:15)
2 The Swingin' Sicilian - Side 2 - Class'y but Sass'y (15:22)

The "Swingin' Sicilian" was a title given to Dick by (in his own words) "those great audiences in the Italian Catskill Resort Area and beautiful places like Pine Springs, Pleasant Acres, Jolly House and at Ciro's Top of the Mall, Monaca, PA!"

Dick's arranger Herman Wolfson wrote the opener "Sassy but Classy" describing his act. With that star studded musical introduction Dick would break into his act filled with satire of the Jerry Lewis caliber covering everything from politics to ethnic slurs (Dick mentions "nothing malicious of course") and always requesting for adult listening only. Born on Buffalo's West Side (Little Sicily), Dick cut two albums (as far as I know) and appeared in the movie "Lady In Cement".

Thanks to The Underground Culture Vulture for the "Sassy but Classy" album, which the opening and closing parts were featured in the 2003 online compilation "Cool and Strange Music Magazine Thrift Store MP3 Project" (now offline) that was compiled with Dana Countryman. The second album "The Swingin' Sicilian" I ran across on ebay in 2002 for a couple of dollars, I think it was a five spot. Money well worth spent.

My personal take on Mr Catan? Love him. From the humor to his song styling. Always had a soft spot for the smaller venue cabaret entertainers dishing out the laughs. Sadly most of my experience experiencing these shows are from the records I find in second hand shops and now thanks to the internet, from people's blogs and sharity sites, one such site in particular where I have run across many self-produced and vanity recordings is the always excellent Our Lady of Perpetual Obsolescence Vinyl Rescue Mission and Orphanage.

- Contributed by: Otis Fodder

Images, Sassy but Classy: Front Cover, Back Cover Photo
Images, The Swingin Sicilian: Front Cover, Back Cover

Sassy but Classy
Media: 12" LP
Album: Sassy but Classy
Label: Ricardo
Catalog: A1391/B1392
Credits: Taped Live at Cherry's Top O' The Mall in Niles, Ohio

The Swingin Sicilian
Media: 12" LP
Album: The Swingin Sicilian
Label: Ciro
Catalog: 1009
Credits: Produced by Joe Ciro and James Migliore. Engineered by George W. Hellow. Recorded at Polaris International Studio, Windsor, Ontario. Album designed by Dennis Belanger.