2007   FEBRUARY 7   #038

Valley High School - Sound Unlimited

01 Preface (4:44)
02 I'll Play For You (3:57)
03 I Felt a Song (In My Heart) (3:08)
04 One Of These Nights (3:05)
05 Crossroads (4:19)
06 Shining Star (2:05)
07 Love Won't Let Me Wait (3:09)
08 Love Will Keep Us Together (2:03)
09 Old Days (2:43)
10 Walking in Rhythm (2:45)
11 Wild Fire (3:41)
12 Philadelphia Freedom (3:21)
13 Midnight Blue (3:12)
14 Dance to the Music (2:57)

I like to imagine that all the kids in this choir had huge ear-to-ear grins throughout the entire concert, but then I myself grin pretty hard while listening to this. From what I'm able to gather, Valley High School put on a number of Sound Unlimited concerts throughout the 1970s. There are multiple albums floating around, all with the cover art printed on a separate sheet of paper and pasted onto the sleeve.

Here's another example. The school is still around. I have no idea what their music department is up to these days.

- Contributed by: Suzanne Baumann

Images: Front Cover, Back Cover

Media: 12" LP
Album: Sound Unlimited