2007   FEBRUARY 5   #036

The Best of MP3.COM Part I

Cyrus Sullivan - 21 and Legal (4:35)
Cyrus Sullivan - Sex Worker (4:32)
Music files removed at owner's request

Cyrus "The Slammer" Sullivan was possibly the most reviled artist ever on the old mp3.com (see here for some typical opinions). Cyrus's music beds appear to be little more than the "demo" setting on his consumer-grade keyboard-- think of him as the white Wesley Willis, except without the fertile imagination. He does add some "slamming" guitar to his big hit, "21 and Legal", and tries his darndest to sound sultry on "Sex Worker" (who takes Visa AND Mastercard). Truly enervating.

BONUS: A photo of Cyrus Sullivan and an mp3 of Cyrus thanking his fans for downloading "21 and Legal"! (Thanks to Lee Rosevere)
Photo and mp3 file removed at owner's request

Super Robot Deluxe - Android Girls of Europa (5:26)
Super Robot Deluxe - Delicious Bobotronic (6:00)

Back in the day, mp3.com was *the* central gathering point for unsigned musicians hoping to get discovered. One such hopeful was Super Robot Deluxe from New Jersey, with his electro-funk paroxysms of cyberlust. He and his debut album Freaktronic are nowhere to be found these days, but these two tracks, downloaded from his mp3.com user page in 2000, will now be preserved forever-- rest assured that our children's children shall have the appropriate soundtrack while traveling in their flying cars to the most fashionable robot sex parties.

- Contributed by: Stark Effect