2007   FEBRUARY 3   #034

F.G. - Cowpoke Cowboy (WDNG Radio 1450 AM - Anniston, Alabama)

F.G. - Cowpoke Cowboy (1:42)

Here’s a little glimpse into my exciting days in small town radio. Ralph Burgess, host of the weekly "Songs of the West" program would always close his show with a Western-themed trivia question. During the following hour which I anchored (the long-running "Swap Shop"—like I said, it was small town radio), I would usually get a few calls from trivia guessers. Regular listener F.G. was always among the callers, but on this particular Saturday morning she was especially determined to guess the title of Gene Autry’s last movie, even if it meant throwing words together at random. This recording contains all nine calls she made within a 45-minute period.

In case you’re curious, the correct answer was “Last of the Pony Riders,” though I was tempted to give her the prize anyway for coming up with "Cowpoke Cowboy."

- Contributed by: Perry Amberson

Image: World's Largest Chair - Anniston, Alabama

Media: Radio Broadcast, WDNG Radio 1450 AM - Anniston, Alabama
Date: June 26, 1993